Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Adventures

For Christmas we headed to Hillsboro with plans to shoot some guns in the morning at Rancho de Schlittler, enjoy a pajama party at my parent's house then go to the families Christmas activities on Christmas day. We had fun shooting with our friends, saving all the shells for the wedding decorations,and letting Tucker run around the farm.
That is until we were moving a boat for my uncle when Tucker decided to jump in the frozen pond and cut his leg open. Trying not to freak out, we all looked at it and thought it might be ok without stitches, so we cleaned the wound and bandaged him up. That night we enjoyed our pajama party with the family and kept a close eye on him.
Me, my sister, Olivia and our Mom
Olivia, our Dad and Me
Me, Great-Grandma and Olivia After going to family Christmas on Christmas day, we realized Tucker needed stitches and we should have taken him to the vet right away, so we rushed to Webster Groves Animal Hospital at midnight and sure enough he needed stitches. Luckily the vet said we took very good care of it and kept it clean enough that they would be able to stitch it up even though we waited too long. Note to self, any cuts that look questionable go straight to the doctor/vet to determine if stitches are needed. So we drove back home, packed up our stuff slept for about two hours, then at 6:00 a.m. we picked him up from the vet and headed back to Columbia, once we got home we all napped, due to the little sleep we were able to get. For two weeks we kept Tucker in my 3/4 sleeve and long sleeved shirts to keep him from licking his stitches. He looked so cute, especially in my card's shirt!
Having dogs is great training for having kids!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Very Merry Mimi and Squirrel Christmas

Christmas time is here and it means family photo time. First we went down to the local tree farm in Columbia, picked and cut down our very own tree. I had so much fun decorating the tree and our house. After all the decorating was done, we had our neighbor come over to take our family photo. Our dogs love getting their pictures taken...and we decided to add some silliness too!
Merry Christmas from Squirrel, Mimi, Bo and Tucker!