Friday, June 22, 2012

Too cute to not be the Ring bearer

Like I mentioned in my flower girl post, after seeing Daniel standing next to Addison, I knew he had to be the ring bearer. We originally weren't going to have one, but he is just too precious to pass up.

I found this adorable little boys vintage vest to match Jeff's suede vest he will be wearing. The vest was rush shipped to arrive before the wedding as we are getting close to the wire Amy from Rootsdown was extremely helpful and very sweet to help us ship quickly.

I found a belt on Cavender's website to go along with the theme of the groomsman's gifts belt buckles. I couldn't find an intial one like the other guys, but we found a cut cowboy one.

Daniel's mom, Mallory, who I also have to give a major THANK YOU to, found him brown cowboy boots, a cream shirt and jeans to wear. Mallory has been my liaison when we needed info on the flower girls.

He is going to be adorable. This is his first wedding he is in, and he's 2 so we can only hope he puts on a good show. If he's anything like my brother was when he was a ring bearer, he won't even make it down the aisle. I think the kids are adorable especially when they do the unpredictable in the ceremony.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally getting to test drive my Cricut with chalkboard labels

I became obsessed with seeing the chalkboard labels everywhere and decided I could cut my own if I had a Cricut. I luckily received a Cricut Expression for Christmas, so we ordered 2 rolls of chalkboard vinyl online, which is about 20 yards. I wanted to make sure we had enough to cut 400 labels for our guests to have on their mason jars at the reception. I had to cut out 12" x 12" squares by using a scrapbook paper as my guide before putting the vinyl in the Cricut to cut out the labels.
rolls of chalkboard vinyls for labels, chalkboard vinyl rolls

After cutting out the 12" x 12" squares I put the vinyl on the mat and inserted in the feeder. I selected my label option Bookplt1 Shadow to cut 10 times.

vinyl chalkboard label cut by cricut

chalkboard label cut out design cricut

cricut manual label cut out

chalkboard label cricut expression

I began a system after the starting the Cricut up. I would cut my 12" x 12" piece while the Cricut cut out 10 labels, then I would switch them out and start again. 40 pieces later I had 400 labels ready to be placed on mason jars.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Adorable Flower Girls

Trying to stick with the theme of getting dresses made, I found these cute dresses on Etsy, from England, but as time passed and we didn't order them right away, I began searching for other dresses. I found them on LaParisLaur's shop We ordered the Beautifu Natural Ivory Ruffle Dress with vintage lace and Flower. I ordered them in May and had them by June, she is located in Chicago so it wasn't too far to ship to Jefferson City. I had her ship them to me and then I shipped them to the flower girls in Tennessee so I could make sure they looked ok. I think Kimber and Addison look adorable in them.

Addison's dress was a little long so we had a family member remove the bottom layer as you can see in the last photo. Next to Addison is Daniel who looked so cute next to her we decided he should be the ring bearer. Talk about a last minute addition, we're now searching for him an outfit to match Jeff.

I asked how they liked the dresses and I was told they loved them and they felt really pretty. I'm so happy they loved them and they look adorable in their pink boots to match me. I can't wait to see them in person!

I'm going to make muslin fabric roses to put in their hair the day of the wedding to match their dresses.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cotton and Wheat Boutonnieres

Wanting to stay true to our country wedding theme, I was looking for something different than the traditional flower boutonnieres. Jeff had always talked about his mom growing up in Tennessee and picking cotton when she was younger so I thought that would be a cute addition to our wedding theme. Back in April I ordered the cotton bolls from a cotton farm in North Carolina. He also sold wheat bundles, so I ordered a bundle of wheat. I bought a roll of jute from Joann's.

When they arrived, I searched ideas online to see what styles I liked and decided I wanted to do 3 pieces of wheat behind the cotton boll and wrap the jute around the stem. The key is to hot glue spots while you are wrapping the jute so it stays. I also glued the stems together and started wrapping from the top. I did two layers of jute wrapping on the stem so the pins were able to stay better.

These were fairly easy and I was able to make 20 of them pretty quickly.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Personalized Hangers for the Bridesmaids

I decided that since I'm crafty I would go ahead and give this personalized hanger thing a try.

  • 14 guage galvanized wire, can be found at Home Depot (OOK- 100' ft for $6)
  • wood hangers, purchased from Target
  • needle nose pliers/ wire cutter, found a 3-in-1 tool at Joann's for $4
  • drill for holes to put wire in hanger
  • hot glue gun
  • patience and practice
I did a lot of searching online to look at how people did the letters, I practiced my sister's name, Olivia first because I figured it would be the most challenging. Once you decide to bend the wire, that is where you have to go with it, or start over. It is not forgiving and does not look pretty when you try to re-straighten it to start over.

This was definitely not a one night project. I ended up doing these over the course of a few weeks. I made them for my 10 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, my mom and my mother-in-law.

For the first time doing them, I'm satisfied with the way they turned out. I added the burlap rose to the top to give them a little something extra. *We did have some issues with the hot glue not holding the wire in the drilled holes. I would either wrap the wire around the hanger or try gorilla glue.

*Photos of dresses are from our fabulous photographer Stephen's Photography