Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Adorable Flower Girls

Trying to stick with the theme of getting dresses made, I found these cute dresses on Etsy, from England, but as time passed and we didn't order them right away, I began searching for other dresses. I found them on LaParisLaur's shop We ordered the Beautifu Natural Ivory Ruffle Dress with vintage lace and Flower. I ordered them in May and had them by June, she is located in Chicago so it wasn't too far to ship to Jefferson City. I had her ship them to me and then I shipped them to the flower girls in Tennessee so I could make sure they looked ok. I think Kimber and Addison look adorable in them.

Addison's dress was a little long so we had a family member remove the bottom layer as you can see in the last photo. Next to Addison is Daniel who looked so cute next to her we decided he should be the ring bearer. Talk about a last minute addition, we're now searching for him an outfit to match Jeff.

I asked how they liked the dresses and I was told they loved them and they felt really pretty. I'm so happy they loved them and they look adorable in their pink boots to match me. I can't wait to see them in person!

I'm going to make muslin fabric roses to put in their hair the day of the wedding to match their dresses.

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