Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cotton and Wheat Boutonnieres

Wanting to stay true to our country wedding theme, I was looking for something different than the traditional flower boutonnieres. Jeff had always talked about his mom growing up in Tennessee and picking cotton when she was younger so I thought that would be a cute addition to our wedding theme. Back in April I ordered the cotton bolls from Cottonman.com a cotton farm in North Carolina. He also sold wheat bundles, so I ordered a bundle of wheat. I bought a roll of jute from Joann's.

When they arrived, I searched ideas online to see what styles I liked and decided I wanted to do 3 pieces of wheat behind the cotton boll and wrap the jute around the stem. The key is to hot glue spots while you are wrapping the jute so it stays. I also glued the stems together and started wrapping from the top. I did two layers of jute wrapping on the stem so the pins were able to stay better.

These were fairly easy and I was able to make 20 of them pretty quickly.

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