Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally getting to test drive my Cricut with chalkboard labels

I became obsessed with seeing the chalkboard labels everywhere and decided I could cut my own if I had a Cricut. I luckily received a Cricut Expression for Christmas, so we ordered 2 rolls of chalkboard vinyl online, which is about 20 yards. I wanted to make sure we had enough to cut 400 labels for our guests to have on their mason jars at the reception. I had to cut out 12" x 12" squares by using a scrapbook paper as my guide before putting the vinyl in the Cricut to cut out the labels.
rolls of chalkboard vinyls for labels, chalkboard vinyl rolls

After cutting out the 12" x 12" squares I put the vinyl on the mat and inserted in the feeder. I selected my label option Bookplt1 Shadow to cut 10 times.

vinyl chalkboard label cut by cricut

chalkboard label cut out design cricut

cricut manual label cut out

chalkboard label cricut expression

I began a system after the starting the Cricut up. I would cut my 12" x 12" piece while the Cricut cut out 10 labels, then I would switch them out and start again. 40 pieces later I had 400 labels ready to be placed on mason jars.

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