Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Party Attire

Back in January I headed off with one of my bridesmaids to visit every craft store in Columbia that sells fabric. Luckily after going into Hobby Lobby, we found the perfect fabric, a light pink and brown paisley fabric.
The goal is to have each girl select a different style pattern to look good with their body type in this fabric. We hired a seamstress and began the process. We also decided the guys would have vests made to match the dresses. Girls will wear a brown belt and boots with their dresses while the guys wear a tan button up, paisley vest, jeans and brown belt and boots.
Enjoy the previews, I can't wait for the big day to see everyone looking fabulous in Pink Paisley...which I recently discovered is a popular trend for spring and summer this year! I love being ahead of the trends!