Monday, April 2, 2018

My First Shred

When doing Juice Plus I decided to get even healthier by participating in the Shred 10. For 10 Days I make sure I'm taking my capsules, eating healthy, enjoying the shakes and ridding myself of some bad habits.

I took a paleo outlook on my clean eating. My first day I was frantic it was starting and I wasn't prepared like I should be because I was traveling to see family for Easter.

My friend and and I were both starting the shred together, so we decided to meet for lunch and figure out what we would be doing for the next few days. I told her I would make us some chicken and sweet potatoes.

I put some chicken with coconut oil on one side of my crock pot and sweet potatoes cut up with some coconut oil in an aluminum foil bowl and cooked it on low overnight. It was ready to go in the morning. I put it in two containers, packed us some carrots and hard boiled eggs for snacks and headed off to work drinking my coconut milk and vanilla complete shake.

We looked at recipes and determined what we would like to eat, and need to get from the store to be successful!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Juice Plus

I wanted to share my new adventure to get my family healthy! I've been struggling to get Mabry to eat healthy and tired of her only consuming "Kid Food". I decided to reach out to my friend and ask her about getting Mabry on Juice Plus gummies. After talking with her I have decided to not only get Mabry on it, but get me and Jeff on it as well... and decided to be a consultant. Mabry is old enough to participate in the Children's Health Study, so with my order I can get Mabry's free. She let me know how it can help with allergies and I am constantly struggling with sinus infections and tired of taking pills and going to urgent care every other month, so this seemed like a natural and better alternative to relieve some of my daily struggle.

I am ready to start a journey and take healthy back in my life. I'll be sharing some info and doing a Shred 10 program starting on April 2. If anyone is interested please ask questions and let's get healthy together! I'll be sharing some videos to give help you understand Juice Plus better.

Monday, February 4, 2013

12 weeks

Mabry is the size of a lime. After seeing our little one, I am trying to find new ways to deal with my nauseousness, luckily my coworkers know that I am pregnant, so when they see me make a weird face or walk away quickly they can guess what's going on with me. Until I find the cure, I'll continue to carry plastic bags, saltines and my water cup around everywhere I go! I've added lemon water, cranberry flavored ginger ale and 7 up to my list of beverages to calm my stomach.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Our first ultrasound

As Friday approached Jeff and I were really excited to see our little baby for the first time. Mainly because this will make it feel real and give us that confirmation there is an actual baby growing inside of me. This appointment also meant we could share our secret with everyone, finally! When we arrived for our appointment we were in for quite a surprise...our moms and my sister were waiting for us when we walked in the room. They had drove up from St. Louis and beat us to the appointment to surprise us and see their first grandchild's ultrasound. When we walked into the room I thought I was getting punked because a camera was flashing. I instantly thought to myself, this is a sick joke to play, I thought I was pregnant. It took a moment to realize that my mom, sister and Jeff's mom were standing there. I of course started crying.

This little baby is going to be so loved. We can't wait to meet you Mabry!

So excited to post our news on Facebook and share our wonderful news. We posted:
First came love, then came marriage, and in August we'll be pushing a baby carriage!

Monday, January 28, 2013

11 weeks

Mabry is the size of a peanut. I'm still feeling nauseous all day, but I can't wait to see our ultrasound this week!