Saturday, June 9, 2012

Personalized Hangers for the Bridesmaids

I decided that since I'm crafty I would go ahead and give this personalized hanger thing a try.

  • 14 guage galvanized wire, can be found at Home Depot (OOK- 100' ft for $6)
  • wood hangers, purchased from Target
  • needle nose pliers/ wire cutter, found a 3-in-1 tool at Joann's for $4
  • drill for holes to put wire in hanger
  • hot glue gun
  • patience and practice
I did a lot of searching online to look at how people did the letters, I practiced my sister's name, Olivia first because I figured it would be the most challenging. Once you decide to bend the wire, that is where you have to go with it, or start over. It is not forgiving and does not look pretty when you try to re-straighten it to start over.

This was definitely not a one night project. I ended up doing these over the course of a few weeks. I made them for my 10 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, my mom and my mother-in-law.

For the first time doing them, I'm satisfied with the way they turned out. I added the burlap rose to the top to give them a little something extra. *We did have some issues with the hot glue not holding the wire in the drilled holes. I would either wrap the wire around the hanger or try gorilla glue.

*Photos of dresses are from our fabulous photographer Stephen's Photography

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