Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Announcement and First Few Plans

After we announced our engagements to our family, friends and members of our very large wedding party of 10 bridesmaids, 10 groomsman, 2 ushers and 2 flower girls. We began the planning process. Knowing that Jeff was going to be in Columbia/Jeff City for work, I knew I needed to get a lot of planning done quickly because I would be job searching to relocate with my new fiance. So we quickly picked the day, July 7, 2012, the location, Rancho de Schlittler, my uncle's farm and the concept of a country wedding with BBQ, Beer in mason jars and lots of singing and dancing...think Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's wedding on a smaller budget. At my first wedding show I booked Fish Eye Fun and can't wait to have them as our photo booth vendor.
Me and Jeff's twin sister at the bridal show...she's getting married on 5-5-12. Jeff and I fixed her up with her future hubby :)

Why a Country Wedding?
Growing up I always pictured myself having this formal wedding, very fancy because that was what I thought a wedding was. After doing some heavy research at the nine weddings we attended in the past year, I decided it was more than fancy meals and banquet halls, I realized it was celebrating the marriage of me and Jeff and doing what we feel a celebration should be like. It made it easy to decide on our country wedding plans because we love what Country is all about and we tend to show that side more being two love birds from Jefferson County who met while attending Southeast in the bootheel.

Posing in the spot where we will be married on 7-7-12 at Rancho de Schlittler

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