Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say Yes To The Dress

My favorite part of the planning process so far was trying on wedding dresses. What girl doesn't dream of trying on those beautiful dresses, seeing herself walking down an aisle, etc...

I decided I wanted to go to Desoto Bridal Garden where I bought all of my dresses for High School dances, because I knew I would have the best luck there. Boy was I right. My eye caught this beautiful dress, which I cannot describe because it is a surprise, while our consultant was telling me to look around and be open to all styles. I had her hang up the dress along with about ten others my sister, mom and I liked. Olivia, my sister and maid of honor assisted me in the dressing room so my mom could take photos as I came out in each dress. First dress I tried on was nice, not what I saw myself in, but loved the feeling of putting a dress on. On to dress number two, the first one I picked out... instant tears from me and my sister, as I walked out my mom caught the tears and we all agreed I had found my perfect dress! It was one of those Say Yes to the Dress moments that I wish every bride could have. An important moment of my life that I will never forget, and I'm happy I could share it with my family.

After pretending to be at my wedding in my new dress, I did have to reason with myself to try on the other dresses I had selected. I said, I need to do this, I have been waiting my whole life to try on dresses and can't believe I found it first and tried it on second. Let me tell you, none of the others compared, ok a few were top 3, but very far from my number 1 pick. I can't wait to post pictures from the dress shopping day. You will see puffy, but happy eyes from my entire family, even dad as he was racing to get to the bridal shop to see me in my dress.

The only photo I can share for now ;)

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