Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bachelorette fun!

I knew that by having a few bridesmaids out of well as myself, I would need to be an efficient planner, so I held my Bachelorette Party the night after my shower. We had so much fun, we stayed in two suites in a hotel in downtown, St. Louis that had a beautiful view of the Arch, ate dinner at Mizu, my favorite sushi place in St. Louis, then went to Club 15 to dance and have fun since we had some younger than 21 in the wedding party and could only get in to 18 and up places. One minor complaint, the DJ would not play Shake your Tailfeather by Nelly for us and it was all we wanted to hear.

found the dress and shoes at Charlotte Russe.

Pretty pink nails and toes ready for a night out!

Me with Libby and Tammy before we got ready for our night out on the town.

garters are on...good thing I was packing, it was also the St. Louis Gun Show downtown.

Some of us girls getting ready to head down to the lobby to hail a cab to dinner at Mizu.

My Aunt's made me my Last Night Out cake with fun Barbie...a Pinterest inspired cake.

My cake was perfect!

Typical bachelorette party straw picture

My two Aunts (who made the Barbie cake) and Summer provided the Boobie Mobile to drive us to Club 15...this caught a lot of attention with street walkers and drivers.

Tri Delta Lovin!

Dancing everything but our Nelly request.

Cheerbox photo with Stephanie and Stacy

Sitting in VIP resting our feet

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