Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Shower

When I first got engaged, the shower was discussed. I said I would like to only have one, invite everyone and not have to worry about 3 different weekends of showers (I was also working with the 10 other weddings, showers and bachelorette party's I would be attending). Our shower was held at Jeff's family's church, it was large enough to hold a lot of people, so we didn't have to have multiple showers, making it easier on everyone.

A huge thank you to Judy Smith who lead the planning of the cutest shower for me. Judy had quite a few helpers from the church, all the ladies were very much appreciated by our families. She found some cute cherry blossom plates and napkins to make my pink, brown and cream theme stay true at the shower. She had someone make oreo balls, which she didn't realize, I'm a cake ball queen and very much appreciated the little gesture. she also had the large jugs with pink lemonade as the refreshment. Pictured Below is Jeff's mom, Fran, My mom, Kelly, Judy and me

Cute drink station

Guests at the shower

Opening one of my favorite gifts, my PINK mixer, which was from Judy and ladies who helped with my shower from the church.

Me and my sister, maid of honor

Some of my bridesmaids...a few are missing, I had 10 total.

Me and my groom, Jeff

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