Sunday, May 27, 2012

DIY coaster favors for the wedding

At our reception, we ordered 400 mason jars for everyone to drink out of. I designed this mason jar design with our last name replacing the Ball on it and put JA instead of the TM.

To make the coasters you need tile, which can be found at 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" tile,Mod Podge and a glue gun.

Cost savings: I purchased a large amount of tile on Craigslist, for a reasonable price. For the amount of tiles we made, we decided to hot glue 5 dots on the bottom of the coaster instead of cutting out felt and gluing it to the bottom as I have done in the past. We also ran out of the white tile and I had different colors, so we had to paint the tiles white to not let the blue or green color show through.

What to do:

  • Print the design out, I could only fit 2 squares on each page.
  • Cut squares out, I found it easy to do with my cricut trimmer
  • Hot glue the dots on the corners and in center
  • Mod Podge the design onto the tile, let dry
  • After design is dry, Mod Podge over it to seal it to make it waterproof
  • Let dry and you are done!

Thank you to my mom for helping me make the 400 coasters! Without her it wouldn't have been finished!

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