Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Tucker and Bo doing a great job keeping the new family member a secret

Being one of the most difficult secrets to keep, our dogs did a great job during Christmas when we went home. I took this photo because I plan on doing the weekly chalkboard photos and thought a great way to start our pregnancy off is to make the secret announcement from the excited big brothers Tucker and Bo. They are They are a little unsure of how it is going to work with mom and dad giving all the attention to a little baby, but I'm sure we can figure out how to make our family of four grow into a family of five!

As a side note, it was hilarious to have people actually ask if I was pregnant while we were home or how cute I looked holding a baby. The best one was when we showed a baby outfit to my grandma and she was like is there something your not telling me? My dad rubbed my stomach and said oh didn't you see on Facebook Amy's pregnant. Jeff and I about lost it laughing. We had to explain that the outfit was for Jeff's cousin who just had a baby and we would let her know before anything was posted on the interwebs.

Me and my little sister on Christmas Eve at our  PJ Party!
Me and my hubby keeping our Christmas Present a secret!

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